Katy and Alyssa, the owners of Sashay Events and original "Gals of Sashay" met at a rock show. The band, their now husbands, still light up the stage today. We have been involved in the entertainment circuit, both as guests and staff at premier events across Atlanta. Exhausted from the same old party, we figured it was about time a unique spice found its way into the event planning industry. And so began, Sashay Creative Events, event planning with an ostentatious strut.

With over 18 years of collective experience, we are the experts when it comes to your event. Along side Alyssa and Katy, we have Kaitlyn, Val and Staci. Together, we make up the team of Sassy Sashay Gals to meet all your planning needs. Get to know all the "Gals of Sashay" on Facebook. Our unique flair and infectious excitement are qualities Sashay clients have come to expect.